The situation at Fukushima, that mess of a gigantuan scale, is every bit the disaster today as it was the day of the earthquake, this of course would only be news to us if we had continued to clench like defenceless infants to the irradiated breast of the mainstream media, gorging down the toxic sludge they offer as information.

You know we´re not ready for this technology when the #1 function is essentially a big stick with which to beat ourselves. It’s clear that as a species we have not yet reached the plateau in our development where access to such technologies await. It’s almost as if some guy fell into the future, found a book on nuclear technology, but fell back to the present before finishing it, leaving huge voids in what we should know about it. For example, that it would be possible through some chemical manipulation to cease the heat producing activities of the waste, which have to be perpetually cooled with massive amounts of energy and water, with the whole sordid mess stored in holding facilities that will fail long before the destructive effects of the waste do.

The situation is that as the cooling aspects of the plant have all but been destroyed, it is necessary to pump unimaginable amounts of water into the plant in an attempt to keep a total meltdown of the fuel rods from occurring – the worst case scenario. This cooling liquid that what was once water, along with the ground water flowing down the mountain through the plant wall fissures becomes completely toxic, and will need to be treated thus, with a significant measure of this contaminated liquid flowing straight on down to the pacific ocean. As the cooling water is boiled by the fuel rods, it needs to replaced with new water, this process is repeated over and over, with the waste stored in row after row after row of massive containers which are leaking, either due to their toxic payload or that a zero timeline allows only a haphazard assembly. There is only a bad ending to this story.

Adding to this dark comedy of errors is that this power plant is built on a major fault line, right on the edge of the Pacific ocean. If it hasn’t already began, once it does, a meltdown will begin an unstoppable chain of events, that nothing we know of can even briefly pause. Not concrete, not steel not solid rock can stop what is enough poison to alter life as we know it from leaking into the oceans.

There are of course ‘mini Fukushimas’ all around this unfortunate planet just waiting to educate us further. Until we crack the riddle of producing nuclear energy at in or around room temperature, or if the gift of ‘Cold Fusion’ already does exists and we’re allowed to have it, it’s time to stop this madness. For it is madness to synthetically produce anything on Earth which cannot live and die here in a natural way.

In light of current events I thought I’d include the somewhat relevant issue of ‘The Big Stick’ or Nuclear weapons, which are once again being lauded as what is needed to save the world, from guess what ? – Nuclear Weapons. But don’t worry, I’m sure Cheech + Chong will do right by us.

Authors Note: This Post was written last year.

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