In the tales of The Síde, extraordinary musical ability is cited as one of their most prominent qualities, not that the only explanation for the haunting talent of Sinéad O´Connor is that she is a Faerie, though she certainly has a sense of not from here about her, her voice is at the very least a national treasure, a voice that could save your life.
Of course she has always been presented as a fringe and slightly bonkers performer by; TPTB #2, RTE, (#1, Church / #3, Fianna Whatever). I can´t help but hold respect for this person, wether or not we would agree on many issues is irrelevant to the point here, that she sings what’s in her heart and hasn’t buckled under the immense pressure to convert to celebrityism is to me a sign of integrity.

All of her downfalls have been highly publicised and presented as further proof that she is a nutter, and only has herself to blame for not towing the company line and walking the well beaten path to a sane and lovely life.

I can’t speak as to her psychological well being, but that she is nuts to them, in my humble opinion, only further validates her as one of the good guys, or as it was so well put;

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society”

Or even better, as Sinéad herself said upon seeing that a once serious music publication had chosen some dingbat to adorn their front page….. “What is this C### doing on the cover of Rolling Stone” ….Brilliant.
Rock on Sinéad….

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  1. I remember so well when sinead tore up the photo of the pope on Saturday night live. Yes, she’s a gutsy woman with not only a beautiful voice but with something to say & fair play to her, she says it. I respected her for that.
    It seems that PC gets a bit more ridiculous as time goes on. Friends & I were talking about that last night. Controversy keeps things interesting, gets people talking & involved & that’s good.
    Make your point & try to remain kind, it might not always be easy but well there’s a thin line. Perhaps it’s anger, fear & confusion that nudges some of us over & towards that line at times. Kindness? Not so much.
    But I like Sinead. We need people to keep it real too.
    (Funny thing, I was taking about sinead also yesterday.)

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