Muppet of the Year

Really? There are unknown people all over the planet with nothing to their name but their name, whom regardless of their wanting continuously give of themselves to others. This is not a critique of Trump, who is nothing more than just another pawn, albeit at another level than most of us. It is a critique on the culture of celebrityism and the never ending need to prostate ourselves before false messiahs, hollow leaders and second rate stage actors.

When was the last time an OBE or some other nonsensical title was bestowed upon a deserving slum dweller, rather than handing them out like free perfume samples to every hedonistic celebrity that says `Stop World Hunger´ while sporting a variety of colourful bracelets. Or giving the once prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to the `nicest guy in the room´

Right now somewhere in the world there is a hungry person giving a last piece of bread to another unfortunate soul, with all of the resources available to Time magazine, you would think that they would spend some of it on trying to find that person, instead of choosing the current flavour (orange) of the month, in the muppet show that is the world stage today. I can´t say if Time ever was a ground breaking magazine, if it was, it´s clear that Time has now passed.

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