What is Duality?

A long time ago in a land far far away there lived a very little boy named Atom. Atom was very content, having all that he could possibly need to exist. But after some time Atom began to feel like there was something missing in his life, something beyond than to just exist, he yearned for adventure, passion, and yes, even danger. He decided that the best way to experience all of those things was by travelling, travelling in every possible direction.

But as nothing existed outside of Atom he would first need to create the directions and the roads on which he would travel them. Atom was very good at creating, as all he had to do to create anything was just to  imagine it and so it was. As Atom would be traveling at incredible speeds he would need to focus very hard so as to have all of the roads formed before him, kind of like a Supersonic Intergalactic Tarmac Cowboy.

So off he went, in every possible direction all at the same moment. Atom was having the most amazing journey, creating all kinds of things along the way, like Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Plants, Animals, and eventually, after he had travelled a very very long way indeed, he created Adam. Adam was interesting for many reasons, but particularly because of his similar, albeit less developed ability to create. After a while Adam created for himself, someone that he called `Egor’.

Egor served many purposes for Adam, and as with all `sub creations´ Egor also had an ability to create, though again, a little less so than Adam. After a while Egor began to create in a way that was out of sync with the other creations within Atom. Egor´s creations seemed very beneficial to Adam, this pleased Adam as much as it displeased Atom, as they gave Adam an illusory sense of entitlement. Time went by and Adam continued to feel superior, even proclaiming to all the other creations that he wasn’t connected with them and that he did not come from where they came from.

At first this was very amusing to Atom, how could Adam believe that he was not a part of himself? But the amusement soon turned to despair as Adams behaviour began to spread an imbalance, throughout the Cosmos and some of the other creations began to `separate´ themselves like Adam. Atom had to do something, he would go home, bringing all of his creations with him. There, they would all remember that not only were they not separate, but that it was impossible to be so.

So Atom began the long journey home, he needed to travel a very long way, trillions of light years, but Atom was very fast and soon he was once again back at the point where the journey had began. Once Adam was back home he looked around, looked at himself, then looked around again, he began to feel very foolish indeed, he apologised to all of the other creations and most especially to Atom for being so self centered, all was forgiven in that moment. Atom was just happy that all of his family were together, and were once again conscious of their inseparablity.

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