There is little doubt that to become a doctor is an admirable undertaking, there´s a lot of work and drive required to fuel a journey that more often than not becomes an invaluable contribution to society, but is that enough to demand even an unofficial compliance?

It is now declared that after decades of over prescribing antibiotics, a growing number of nasty bacterium have developed immunity to `any´ antibiotic, while at the same time have evolved stronger, expect only a bad ending to this tragic saga. Among other obvious reasons, this situation came to be via the uninformed public of yesterday, and today with the help of chemical corporations playing on the egos and human weakness of the unsuspecting physician.

So once we have educated our children never to be put off by the subtle pressure to withhold concerns or questions that are contrary to the established word when dealing with the infallible industries, the next natural step in the cleansing would be the separation of the physician and Big Pharma, no less important a move than the separation of Church and State. As now that the illusion of profit powered healthcare is exposed, it is vital that publicly traded companies and their ilk are let nowhere near the evolvement of the healthcare of any living things.

We are finally beginning to question wether behemoth corporations with turnovers that don’t even blink under malpractice fines in the 100´s of millions, really do have humanities best interest at heart when administering (experimenting) their wares on a docile public.

From the over prescribing of anxiety meds that led to epidemic levels of heroin addiction where no such problem previously existed, to the correlation of rises in all kinds of oddities with inoculation programs, to the relation between suicides and anti depressants, to just an increasingly sense of `unwellness´ in humanity, there is plenty of reason to think twice and question thrice on wether or not to gulp down any product prescribed to us by the legal drug dealers of out time.

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