There is little doubt that to become a doctor is an admirable undertaking, there´s a lot of work and drive required to fuel a journey that more often than not becomes an invaluable contribution to society, but is that enough to demand even an unofficial compliance?

It is now declared that after decades of over prescribing antibiotics, a growing number of nasty bacterium have developed immunity to `any´ antibiotic, while at the same time have evolved stronger, expect only a bad ending to this tragic saga. Among other obvious reasons, this situation came to be via the uninformed public of yesterday, and today with the help of chemical corporations playing on the egos and human weakness of the unsuspecting physician.

So once we have educated our children never to be put off by the subtle pressure to withhold concerns or questions that are contrary to the established word when dealing with the infallible industries, the next natural step in the cleansing would be the separation of the physician and Big Pharma, no less important a move than the separation of Church and State. As now that the illusion of profit powered healthcare is exposed, it is vital that publicly traded companies and their ilk are let nowhere near the evolvement of the healthcare of any living things.

We are finally beginning to question wether behemoth corporations with turnovers that don’t even blink under malpractice fines in the 100´s of millions, really do have humanities best interest at heart when administering (experimenting) their wares on a docile public.

From the over prescribing of anxiety meds that led to epidemic levels of heroin addiction where no such problem previously existed, to the correlation of rises in all kinds of oddities with inoculation programs, to the relation between suicides and anti depressants, to just an increasingly sense of `unwellness´ in humanity, there is plenty of reason to think twice and question thrice on wether or not to gulp down any product prescribed to us by the legal drug dealers of out time.

Greed is good (just not for you)

Due to the stellar journalistic skills of the Main Stream Media we have learned from `The Panama Papers´ that politicians are corrupt, there is nothing banks wont do for more, and that the ultra wealthy, using strategies only available to them can avoid paying little or no taxes. The same report also had a great piece on the hazard of running with scissors while blindfolded… Even more surprising, is that Nordea, the flagship bank of Scandinavia, like all banks that see humanity as prey, loaned out the savings of their servants to despot dictators and various other unsavories, who would of thunk it?, I mean they have a Sail boat logo?

Just when we couldn’t take anymore astonishment, it turns out that a top level figure at the Swedish Tax Authority had informed at least one of his colleagues as to the impending release of these documents. Once again we are indebted to the MSM, the stalwarts of truth, the hunters of clarity, the tireless searchers of wrongdoers, or in some cases, the publishers of shitloads of data dropped onto their laps by bored teenage hackers.

As the leader of one of the most respected countries in the world, the very next thing out of the Swedish Prime Ministers mouth should have been, “Head of Nordea – Gone, “Head of the Tax Authority – Gone, and five below each of them”

Of the many reasons why this should have been said was that the historical nefariousness of Banks `should´ bind them to a higher degree of culpability. By doing nothing, what Löfven essentially said was – “Sorry Folks, I´m just a figurehead, those whom have (and quite skilfully I might add) conjured up an environment ripe for need by creating cancer causing levels of stress through their blatant thievery, those that should at the very least be bound by a policy of zero tolerance regarding ethical error due to their hideous actions, those whom will stop at nothing, until there is nothing, don’t allow dissent, and they don’t allow it with extreme prejudice”

It is as of yet unclear wether or not Nordea is guilty of the more heinous crimes perpetrated by those with whom they share market space, though the codes of conduct are designed for the industry not for individual players. It is of course highly improbable for a Bank at this level to exist without being party to all of the skullduggery that goes on there. To put it another way; a swarm of locusts will consider nothing other than to devour as much as possible from whatever it is that they choose to feast upon.

But what are we to do? For every single financial transaction, even cash, has to go through their den of inequity, we are, you could say trapped to depend on a system that has weaved an intricate web throughout humanity. A system so utterly corrupt, so integrated, so mandatory, that it will only be slightly less painful to remove ourselves from it, as it would be to stay trapped within it. These folks truly are the quintessential `Necessary Evil´.

Gordon Gekko said that “Greed is good”, of course what he meant was that “it´s good for us”. If there are to be exceptions to the rules, let it benefit those institutions that serve a genuine purpose to humanity rather than to those whom feast upon it.

Authors Note: This post was written on revelation of the `Panama Papers´.