What is Duality?

A long time ago in a land far far away there lived a very little boy named Atom. Atom was very content, having all that he could possibly need to exist. But after some time Atom began to feel like there was something missing in his life, something beyond than to just exist, he yearned for adventure, passion, and yes, even danger. He decided that the best way to experience all of those things was by travelling, travelling in every possible direction.

But as nothing existed outside of Atom he would first need to create the directions and the roads on which he would travel them. Atom was very good at creating, as all he had to do to create anything was just to  imagine it and so it was. As Atom would be traveling at incredible speeds he would need to focus very hard so as to have all of the roads formed before him, kind of like a Supersonic Intergalactic Tarmac Cowboy.

So off he went, in every possible direction all at the same moment. Atom was having the most amazing journey, creating all kinds of things along the way, like Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Plants, Animals, and eventually, after he had travelled a very very long way indeed, he created Adam. Adam was interesting for many reasons, but particularly because of his similar, albeit less developed ability to create. After a while Adam created for himself, someone that he called `Egor’.

Egor served many purposes for Adam, and as with all `sub creations´ Egor also had an ability to create, though again, a little less so than Adam. After a while Egor began to create in a way that was out of sync with the other creations within Atom. Egor´s creations seemed very beneficial to Adam, this pleased Adam as much as it displeased Atom, as they gave Adam an illusory sense of entitlement. Time went by and Adam continued to feel superior, even proclaiming to all the other creations that he wasn’t connected with them and that he did not come from where they came from.

At first this was very amusing to Atom, how could Adam believe that he was not a part of himself? But the amusement soon turned to despair as Adams behaviour began to spread an imbalance, throughout the Cosmos and some of the other creations began to `separate´ themselves like Adam. Atom had to do something, he would go home, bringing all of his creations with him. There, they would all remember that not only were they not separate, but that it was impossible to be so.

So Atom began the long journey home, he needed to travel a very long way, trillions of light years, but Atom was very fast and soon he was once again back at the point where the journey had began. Once Adam was back home he looked around, looked at himself, then looked around again, he began to feel very foolish indeed, he apologised to all of the other creations and most especially to Atom for being so self centered, all was forgiven in that moment. Atom was just happy that all of his family were together, and were once again conscious of their inseparablity.


The situation at Fukushima, that mess of a gigantuan scale, is every bit the disaster today as it was the day of the earthquake, this of course would only be news to us if we had continued to clench like defenceless infants to the irradiated breast of the mainstream media, gorging down the toxic sludge they offer as information.

You know we´re not ready for this technology when the #1 function is essentially a big stick with which to beat ourselves. It’s clear that as a species we have not yet reached the plateau in our development where access to such technologies await. It’s almost as if some guy fell into the future, found a book on nuclear technology, but fell back to the present before finishing it, leaving huge voids in what we should know about it. For example, that it would be possible through some chemical manipulation to cease the heat producing activities of the waste, which have to be perpetually cooled with massive amounts of energy and water, with the whole sordid mess stored in holding facilities that will fail long before the destructive effects of the waste do.

The situation is that as the cooling aspects of the plant have all but been destroyed, it is necessary to pump unimaginable amounts of water into the plant in an attempt to keep a total meltdown of the fuel rods from occurring – the worst case scenario. This cooling liquid that what was once water, along with the ground water flowing down the mountain through the plant wall fissures becomes completely toxic, and will need to be treated thus, with a significant measure of this contaminated liquid flowing straight on down to the pacific ocean. As the cooling water is boiled by the fuel rods, it needs to replaced with new water, this process is repeated over and over, with the waste stored in row after row after row of massive containers which are leaking, either due to their toxic payload or that a zero timeline allows only a haphazard assembly. There is only a bad ending to this story.

Adding to this dark comedy of errors is that this power plant is built on a major fault line, right on the edge of the Pacific ocean. If it hasn’t already began, once it does, a meltdown will begin an unstoppable chain of events, that nothing we know of can even briefly pause. Not concrete, not steel not solid rock can stop what is enough poison to alter life as we know it from leaking into the oceans.

There are of course ‘mini Fukushimas’ all around this unfortunate planet just waiting to educate us further. Until we crack the riddle of producing nuclear energy at in or around room temperature, or if the gift of ‘Cold Fusion’ already does exists and we’re allowed to have it, it’s time to stop this madness. For it is madness to synthetically produce anything on Earth which cannot live and die here in a natural way.

In light of current events I thought I’d include the somewhat relevant issue of ‘The Big Stick’ or Nuclear weapons, which are once again being lauded as what is needed to save the world, from guess what ? – Nuclear Weapons. But don’t worry, I’m sure Cheech + Chong will do right by us.

Authors Note: This Post was written last year.

N is for Nonsense

Nigger – was there ever a word that stirred up as much emotion? – yes, plenty of them. Though not sure that banning them is the way to go, or even any of the many steps required to rid the world of duality in any of its forms. Originating from Latin for black, it initially gained notoriety in the western world as a derogatory term used by slaveowners and their ilk, and subsequently their descendants.

That a significant group of the descendants of those slaves now use it is as a term of endearment is perhaps a good example of taking a word back from the dark side. However, that its use is strictly limited to this group, and fiercely forbidden to everyone else is an unnecessary obstacle in completing the liberation that this word so clearly desires, if the word is tabu, then shouldn’t it be tabu for everyone? kind of like trying to stop someone kicking a dog, only to hear – “it´s ok, I´m a vegan”. To bring a word from dark to light, it seems logical that the word have no parole conditions, ankle bracelet or any other mechanism by which to control its absolute freedom.

I recently had the opportunity to read Tom Sawyer for a young girl who can not yet read it for herself. Reading aloud is not something I have done a lot, so the issue of reading forbidden words aloud (with an audience) never really came up. While it is a word that I at least subconsciously avoid, I would never of considered not saying, or reading the word Nigger in the context of a `legitimate story, or in any form other than the intentionally derogatory, and even less so when reading the one hundred and forty year old words of a great writer. But saying `the N word´ in lieu of Nigger when reading Mark Twain, is exactly where we´re headed, and after that, G word / Gypsie, P word / Pirate, or B word / female canine, you get the point.

It´s just plain odd that with all of the grotesque violent imagery that is accepted as standard entertainment today, `a word´ can cause such a visceral reaction and be so vehemently avoided. If for example the efforts of the unbearably hypocritical and sanctimonious entertainment industry to carol us all into a strictly policed den of political correctness was coming from a place of benevolence, that would be one thing, still doomed to fail, but at least well intended. Clearly, this nonsense is coming from nowhere near that place.

There will always be bigots, who will use coarse pillows, knives, or even words in an attempt to inflict whatever it is they are trying to inflict, enough harm is created by those twats without also allowing them access to the control panels of speech.