Tom Sawyer

It must have been something for that child in 1876 to have the as of yet unread Mark Twains `Tom Sawyer´ in their grasp. That book that would validate their world, their language, and their imaginations, and was eager to share its secrets with the uncorrupted mind of the primal child.

A very good persuader of his fellow boy, it seems that Tom has a possible future as a congressman or a lawyer, when at the last moment he reveals his nobleness and strength of character, proving the assumption unsound. That we don’t know what became of Toms parents, or why the issue is never brought up is curious, thought it may be that to clutter such great adventures with such a delicate topic may prove to be a clutter too much.

Wether it was the chosen ‘unsavoury’ dialect, or that his previous works were for a more mature audience, Tom Sawyer attracted a lot of attention and less than positive critique, perhaps it was the case that the critics du jour couldn’t appreciate Toms adventures as thoroughly as those whom could more easily identify with the central protagonists. Not that it was solely intended for children, though to approach it with the stiffness of an adult is an erroneous approach.

Before iPads and Gameboys infested the landscape, books were held with infinitely greater regard than they are today. As those devices haven’t, can’t, take any value away from a classic, it is only for them to quietly await our wake from slumber and return to the gift of classic literature. Like all great writers, Samuel L Clemens had a sound intellect not diminished by an exaggerated sense of self worth, a value that supported his aptitude as an often comical writer.

As my first Mark Twain book, Tom sawyer helps me to understand why his legacy lives, 150 years later. Unbridled youth having adventures in actuality, rather than elaborately choreographed games of fantasy, must have been a sound to behold for Tom Sawyers first readers. Though the vernacular required a little slower reading, it is a great read with a interesting view of a boys life in the 1870´s.

This is Not a Book Review

I felt it should be said that any thoughts I post on books that I have read are mostly just a way of summarising them in my head, so as to get a stronger hold on the stories and characters that I have come across, and not to be mistaken for qualified reviews. I´m not even exactly sure what constitutes a qualified review, but I am sure that my book posts are not that. As with the other posts that appear here, posting my thoughts/a summary on a book, forces a little more structured analysis, than if they were to just lie on a page, in a copy, on a desk, in a corner, in a room, on a planet.

Furthermore, unless I come across something so brutal as to demand a response from this lonely little blog, I will mostly be commenting on those books that have made a positive impact. So, just to clarify – critics require some level of literary education which I do not have. Also, a heads up that there will most likely be spoilers and other comments that could interfere with the complete enjoyment of said book. I´d also like to add that some of these books were read more than a few years ago, so while details may be scant, messages are true. So with excuses for lack of content a plenty – Read, Live long and prosper…

The Unfortunate President

It feels likely that the choice of TPOTUS2016 was based less on respect and confidence, than it was from a lesser of two evils scenario, with the majority of votes being won solely on the disliking of one candidate only slightly less than the other. The days when presidential nominees inspired euphoric levels of pride and unity lies now with the story of the Dodo. Prepared to do anything for more power, both sides have cast away any and all illusions of decency in this mudslinging debacle of a reality show.

It could be said that this has always been the case, albeit in a more concealed manner, that society has always been brutish, with little or no care for their fellow brute. But somehow we have elevated ourselves, we have left the pond, descended from the trees, raised ourselves upright, formed societies, cultures, ideas, thoughts and international space programs, and last, but not least, have lost a lot of body hair, well some of us at least. So we have elevated ourselves to another level of being, the time feels right for the next move.

Authors Note; This Post was written in September of 2016..


To see that withery ball of slime and blood enter this world in the mightiest of pushes, as if trying to penetrate the unwilling fabric of a dimensional atmosphere, is one of the weirdest things possible to witness. Only at that moment is the realisation complete – there really `is´ a human being living inside there, and now it´s coming out.

That humans begin life as a fertilised seed inside of another human is surely no less strange than if that seed were fertilised in the ground as any other root plant, to be yanked out of the ground by the first tuffs of hair that protrude from the caring soil in the spring.

From that first moment the little one seems as disturbed and shocked as anyone would after going to sleep in their own bed only to wake up on a different planet – where / what / who am I, and `who´ are these people?. The little one presents a very real (and literal) `fish out of water´ persona, almost as if it´s awkward to be here. Not to worry though, as from that very first moment the care responders of the host humans are activated to full power, and it´s all about baby.

Then cue the months of trying to convince the little one that this is the right place, their home, their family. The look of doubt in the eyes of the new arrival is unmistakable, still unwilling to accept anything other than, “I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, and how can I back out of this situation”.

But the weeks go by, and the nurture overload of the surrounding humans along with the amazing human ability to adopt to almost any shift in environment allows a calming, then comfort, then happiness, to the point where the fear of arriving is replaced by a fear of leaving.

The hope is that the new arrival will not have to make the same mistakes, endure the same unpleasantness or cause the same distress, though that may infringe on the God given right to err. As even with all of the technological advancements in Earth 2017, trial and error is still front and center when it comes to experiencing life here.

Let´s just say that I hope he’s as happy as he can be while experiencing whatever it is he is here to experience, and spreads any joy that comes his way around in turn. Like all humans before him, he will dream, he will wish, he will want, he will need, many of those will go unfilled, but with that said, as long as I am on this side of the soil he´ll not need for anything that I can provide. Oh, and if he does figure out where he came from and what all of this tomfoolery is about – To please inform the rest of us.

A Decent Recipe

Chop finely; 1 yellow + 1 red onion, a few shallots, a few garlic cloves + 1/2 a cup of sun-dried tomatoes, 1 green, red, and yellow pepper, and a couple of sweet peppers. In heated olive oil sauté the onions and garlic for about 10 minutes, then add the peppers and two cans of cherry tomatoes. On medium heat, sauté for another 30 minutes, or until most or all of the water has evaporated. Add a little oregano, thyme, salt + pepper, sauté for another 15 minutes, then leave on the stove to cool. A versatile addition to most staples. For those of that persuasion, add a chopped chilli to the onions and garlic. Easily doubled / frozen.