The Wind is Hungry for your Caution

This Just In ! – A recent scientific study has revealed that while losing sleep over the small things is tantamount to an OCD trait, it may be that the big things don’t warrant that much respect either. The report went on to say that worrying about what has happened, what is happening, or what may happen, is the greatest waste of time known to man. In closing, the report noted that without disregarding intuition, learning from errors, and a sensible level of future planning, ditching worry as a tired fad of yesterday is the new trend, with one Hollywood celebrity quoted, “I´m not worried”

When following instructions from the heart, as long as ethically proper, does it really matter a damn wether or not said instructions leads to what is sensible, or worse, accepted by the herd? Death bed recordings generally express regret not for the things that were done, but for the things that weren’t. Exposing oneself to a healthy level of scrutiny can be daunting, while shame being a different animal altogether should be avoided like the plague, embarrassment can be healthy, reducing how seriously we take ourselves, one less thing to worry about being exposed, and most importantly – reducing how seriously we take ourselves. Personally speaking, mortification being the worst case scenario, is a fair price to pay for a little character development.

Nowadays, personal caution is overused to the point of absurdity, so we can well afford to throw a little of it to the wind. While consideration for others is important, holding oneself back due to what others might think, has to be one of the greatest tethers to personal development ever created by the human mind, a true design flaw in the evolutionary model. This self censoring mechanism has a plethora of obvious purposes, but at a real cost to the bigger picture. The force that pioneered the journey from fish to man would have barrelled over such an absurdity into the dust of time, just as it did with all other obstacles on the path to progress. It is nothing short of bizarre that we spend much of our lives constructing a self encapsulating prison, when we should be spending it living our lives as if this is our last chance to do so. God knows what humanity would have accomplished, not having to adhere to this nonsense.

For in any case, we are all barrelling at the speed of light toward a point in the future where we will all melt into the Earth, at a further point, the Earth will then melt into the Sun, further again, our Star will implode in a supernova that will for all intents and purposes eliminate all traces of our Solar System, let alone that there ever was a little planet called Earth, with all of the dramas great and small created by those ever so busy humans, all those billions of years ago…

Blog Pledge

I pledge; no subject consistency, pictures of breakfast, link overload, cat videos, rehashing the content of others, comment whoring, agenda pulling, thought for today, yesterday or tomorrow, my point dilution, pharmaceutical / weapon manufactures or cheap monkey meat advertising, fanities (anti or pro) claiming for my own, the words, thoughts, images or recipes of others.

On the seldom occasion that I do include the words of others they will be in quotation. Though there will no doubt be significant effort in searching for and choosing the images, most of them will not be mine, and once I figure out how, I will place a link in each post to credit the creator, or an equivalent ethical move. Finally, though welcome should it happen, these posts require no feedback or interest, feigned or otherwise, they are merely an exercise in education (mine), a dance with daunt, a temporary releasing of the `Cursing in the Cave of my Skull´

Watch This Space (or not)

A recent glance at various blog entries has confirmed that having nothing of value to say is of no consequence in relation to the unwashed gaining access to the blogosphere. This revelation removed the final obstacle to starting my own blog. If even after many years, this blog´s traffic hasn’t broken single digits, with all of the posts sharing a future in a garbage can, it will nevertheless have been a resounding success. For the purpose is to say something that I thought was worth saying, to process some thoughts, to practise a little writing under the structured umbrella of an imaginary audience, and to formulate it all, to the best of my limitations.

As one who has heard “would you `ever´ shut up” a great deal more often than “Please continue, I´d love to hear more”, I thought it best to communicate with an inanimate object, as my computer´s lack of ability, to berate my lack of ability, was a match made in Heaven. I can´t say for sure just yet what it is one should be watching this space for, but a rough guideline as to what it will not be, can be found in `Blog Pledge´ and some reasons why I ignored the warning voice in my head in `The Wind is Hungry for Your Caution´.

This is nothing more than a cacophony of ramblings, a detoxification, an exorcism, that may or may not make much sense to anyone other than myself. If the time spent on this lonely blog keeps me off street corners, out of the pool halls and away from the bad crowd, it will be time well spent. There is no reason to feel compelled to read or comment, maybe just a little assistance in spreading a blogofire, for… “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a Fire”

“Did he just quote Yeats in relation to his blog??”…